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5 Takedown Ranges for BJJ & Wrestling by Geno Morelli

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Geno Morelli‘s 5 Takedown Ranges for BJJ & Wrestling

Description of Instructional:

Understanding the different takedown ranges of the standing or neutral position in wrestling and jiu-jitsu is incredibly important!

I created this video primarily to give jiu-jitsu athletes a good understanding of the different takedown ranges in wrestling and no-gi BJJ so that you have a framework in which to look at the standing position and start exploring takedowns. This video should help you gauge what position might best suit you based on your athletic ability, your body style and your experience allowing you to start approaching the standing position with a focus.

  • Open Stance
  • Long Range Ties
  • Medium Range Ties
  • Short Range Ties
  • Upper Body Ties

If you are long-limbed or athletic/explosive, the first two takedown ranges are great to work from because you have a good ability to close the gap/distance on takedowns.

If you are shorter or less explosive, I would recommend focusing on developing your wrestling in medium range ties.

The upper body ties can work for just about any body style but requires a completely different skill set than the first four. Please Subscribe, Share and Like! LMK what questions you have in the comments!

Geno Morelli’s Bio:

Morelli is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgable resources for teaching wrestling for BJJ and grappling athletes. Geno is a dynamic offensive wrestler that is well aware of the important differences between traditional wrestling and wrestling for jiu jitsu.

Geno was a member of the Penn State wrestling team and helped the Nittany Lions secure two NCAA Team Championship titles.

After a two year hiatus from the wrestling mats, Geno decided to enter the US Open with 2 weeks of training and made it to the semifinals and eventually ended up with a 5th place finish. That same year he became a semifinalist at the United States World Team Trials.

Geno has several significant wins against high quality wrestlers, BJJ fighters, and was an undefeated amateur champion in MMA. Geno has recently announced his transition to professional MMA and will begin his pro journey in 2023.


  • Penn State Wrestling
  • 2019 US Open All-American and Semifinalist
  • 2019 World Team Trials Semifinalist
  • Starter on 2x NCAA Championship Team (2016, 2017)
  • IBJJF World Champion Blue Belt
  • IBJJF Pan Am Double Gold
  • 2x NCAA Qualifier
  • FloGrappling WNO Competitor
  • No-Gi BJJ Purple Belt

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Approximate Length of Instructional: 

  • 22 Minutes

Suggested Skill/Experience Level:

  • All Skill Levels

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5 months ago
This was very helpful and I learned a lot.
6 months ago
Great explanation, simple and right to the point.
6 months ago
Amazing stuff!
9 months ago
Learning range, closing space and creating space is very fundamental. Amazing video with good explanations and directions. Well done.