Iron Faith Grappling’s Level 1 Wrestling Fundamentals – White Laces

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About Course

Iron Faith Grappling‘s Level 1 Wrestling Fundamentals – White Laces

Description of Instructional:

Do you need to get down to the basic fundamental skills for wrestling? If you or another athlete are seeking to learn the vital basic building blocks of wrestling, this course is perfect.

Iron Faith Grappling’s Level 1 Wrestling Fundamentals series is the first of four levels that progressively help you build up your knowledge base and shorten your learning curve rapidly!

Allow Ebed Jarrell,  former NCAA Division 1 wrestler from Drexel University and the co-founder of Iron Faith Grappling Academy,  teach you all the skills and techniques necessary to start your wrestling journey.

This comprehensive 12-lesson series covers some of the most important techniques for your development as an athlete.

Start on your wrestling foundation today and discover why mastering these techniques is essential to start taking your strides toward learning the art of wrestling.

The Importance of Getting Better at Wrestling:

It’s no secret in the competitive world of wrestling, understanding the core basics and fundamentals is the key to success on the mats. As you solidify your foundation, learning more advanced techniques is the next logical step.

Wrestling encompasses a thousands of techniques and strategies that demand precision and skill. Without a strong grasp of basics like stance, movement, takedowns, escapes, reversals, and pins, aspiring wrestlers risk faltering during crucial matches.

Fear not! Iron Faith Grappling’s online Instructional course is tailored to instill a rock-solid foundation in wrestling fundamentals.

Whether you’re an elementary, junior high, or high school athlete, this course provides expert instruction and in-depth coverage of the essential techniques necessary to compete at your best.

From mastering the art of takedowns that leave your opponents stunned to executing swift escapes and reversals that turn the tide in your favor, this course hones your wrestling prowess from the ground up.

Elevate your wrestling game with Iron Faith Grappling’s Level One Wrestling Fundamentals series. This comprehensive online course equips you with essential wrestling fundamentals, preparing you to shine at the elementary, junior high, and high school levels.

Don’t miss the chance to learn from Ebed Jarrell and unleash your full potential on the mat!

What is the Lace System?

Iron Faith has developed a fun and gamified promotion system, not too different than other martial arts’ colored belt system! It’s pretty simple – as you build up your technical knowledge base around the sport of wrestling, you will be promoted to a higher lace color!

Starting at White and ending on Gold, you can begin on your endeavor to master the fundamentals of wrestling.

Overview of Instructional Chapters:

  • Sprawling
  • Stance and Motion
  • Single Leg
  • Double Leg
  • Stand ups
  • Breakdowns
  • Half Nelson
  • Cradles
  • Stand-ups
  • Switch
  • Single Leg Defense
  • Double Leg Defense
  • High Crotch Defense
  • and so much more!

Iron Faith Grappling Academy Bio:

Iron Faith Grappling has two locations in Rhode Island – one in Warwick and one in Bristol. Iron Faith sets itself apart from other clubs with its focus on teaching wrestling fundamentals that form the backbone of success. The carefully curated lessons cover the most vital techniques needed to excel in the sport.

Iron Faith even includes quizzes in their courses to test your knowledge of what you just learned!

By learning from Ebed Jarrell, a seasoned wrestler and expert instructor, you gain access to insider tips and strategies that only a veteran can provide.

With the flexibility of an online course, you can learn at your own pace, ensuring maximum retention and skill development. Take the first step towards wrestling greatness with Iron Faith Grappling today!

Iron Faith Instructors:

  • Ebed Jarrell
    • 2x NCAA Division 1 National Qualifier
    • 3x time NWCA Division 1 Scholar All-American
    • 2x time Southern Scuffle Place Winner
    • 2x time EIWA Conference Place Winner
    • 2x time Keystone Classic Finalist
    • 2x time Rhode Island State Champ
  • Stephen Jarrell
    • NCAA Division-III National Finalist
    • NCAA Division-III All-American
    • 2X Regional Champion
    • Most Tech-Falls in NCAA 2017
    • 272 Take-Downs in a single season
    • Sacred Heart University Assistant Coach 2017-18
    • Johnson Wales University Assistant Coach 2018-19
  • Katelyn Jarrell
    • 5X Senior National Champion Judo
    • 5X Senior World Team Member Judo
    • Youth Olympic Judo Champion
    • 3X Rhode Island High School State Placer
    • 3X High School New England Qualifier
    • Beat the Streets Women’s Head Coach 2016-18

Training out of:

  • HQ Warwick, Rhode Island

Website and Social Links:

Approximate Length of Instructional: 

  • 19 Minutes

Suggested Skill/Experience Level:

  • Beginners + All Skill Levels

Course Content


  • Sprawl
  • Test 1
  • Stance
  • Test 2
  • Knee Over Toe Shot
  • Test 3
  • Double Leg
  • Test 4
  • High C
  • Test 5
  • Single Leg
  • Test 6
  • Snap Down, Go Behind
  • Test 7
  • Snap Down Cradle
  • Test 8



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