Short Offense Playbook by Michael Macchiavello

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Michael Macchiavello‘s Short Offense Playbook

Description of Instructional:

This instructional is designed for wrestlers and grapplers of all skill levels who want to improve their ability to control and score from the short offense position.

Short offense is a broad term to describe scenarios in which you facing your opponent with your chest on their head or back. This could include front headlock scenarios, as well. Short offense incorporates both offensive and defensive concepts, that will eventually lead you to securing a takedown or a pin.

Short offense scenarios commonly occur in both wrestling and jiu jitsu, and it is well worth understanding what to do when you get there. Many times you’ll end up in this position after you stop an opponent’s takedown attempt or snap your opponent to their hands and knees.

Michael Macchiavello’s system will help you control the position and break the posture of your opponent that will lead you to scoring a takedown, pinning your opponent, or taking their back.

In this instructional, NCAA Champion Michael Macchiavello will share his most effective techniques, strategies, and tips on how to utilize an effective short offense that is fully applicable to both Jiu Jitsu and wrestling.

The instructional will cover a range of topics, including initial position and fundamentals, go-behinds, misdirections, short offense from a head inside shot, a head outside shot, and everything you need to know to capitalize on the opportunity.

Not only does Mike provide expert technique, he’ll also give you several drills to work on to dial in your short offense system and different scenarios on how to use short offense to overwhelm your opponent.

Macchiavello’s short offense instructional is a must-have if you compete in any grappling sport!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, this instructional will take your short offense system to the next level. Mike will provide examples how to drill these techniques effectively and incorporate them into your training. Buy his instructional today and learn from one of the world’s best wrestlers!

Overview of Instructional Chapters:

  • Basic Snapdown Entry
  • Position + Fundamentals
  • Go-Behinds
  • Misdirections
  • Opponents Head Inside Shots
  • Opponents Head Outside Shots
  • Back Takes
  • Drills
  • And so much more!

Michael Macchiavello’s Bio:

Michael Macchiavello is born and raised in North Carolina. He was a NC State Champion in high school and was recruited to wrestle for the Wolfpack at North Carolina State University. During Mike’s college career, he was able to go from a losing record season his freshman year to a NCAA Champion in 2018 at 197 pounds. It was an incredible feat for any athlete!

Since graduating college, Mike stayed in North Carolina and continued to train for his World and Olympic aspirations at the Wolfpack wrestling club. Mike is a 2x US Open Men’s Freestyle Champion and a 4x US National Team member. Mike recently won a Pan American Championship in 2023.


  • 2x Men’s Freestyle US Open Champion
  • 2023 Pan-Am Championships Champion
  • 2018 NCAA Champion
  • 2x NCAA Championship Qualifier
  • 2x ACC Finalist (2017 + 2018)
  • North Carolina State Champion
  • 4x US National Team Member
  • 2019 Bronze Medal Dan Kolov International
  • 2019 Silver Medal Bill Farrell International

Training out of/Affiliations:

  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Wolfpack Wrestling Club/North Carolina State University

Social Links:

Approximate Length of Instructional: 

  • 1 Hours 4 Minutes

Suggested Skill/Experience Level:

  • All Skill Levels

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Short Offense

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