Advanced Smash Passing by Mike Jaramillo

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About Course

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Mike Jaramillo‘s Advanced Smash Passing

Description of Instructional:

Are you looking for high-level details to improve your No-Gi passing skills? Look no further than coach Mike Jaramillo’s Advanced Smash Passing series. This series is made for individuals that want to learn to compete with the best no-gi grapplers in the world.

Throughout the Instructional, Mike Jaramillo, a highly experienced and accomplished BJJ practitioner and coach, will share his expert insights, techniques, and strategies for using smash passing and achieving dominant positions.

With a strong emphasis on practicality and effectiveness, this course is designed for competitors and hobbyists who are looking to improve their no-gi BJJ game.

Mike’s instructional is packed with detailed and insightful breakdowns and comprehensive demonstrations of various smash passing techniques. You will learn where, when and why to apply pressure, control your opponent’s movements, and effectively pass the guard using Mike Jaramillo’s proven smash passing system.

You’ll also learn how to transition seamlessly between different passing options, and how to capitalize on your opponent’s reactions to maintain control once you find a dominant position.

In addition to the technical aspects, the course will also cover important concepts such as timing, weight distribution, and body positioning, which are crucial for successful smash passing.

Overview of Instructional Chapters:

  • Body Position Concepts
  • Clearing Knee Line
  • Using Angles for Pressure
  • Back Step Passing
  • Maintaining Position
  • Controlling Opponent’s Hips
  • Variations of Opponent’s Reactions
  • And much more!

Instructor Bio:

Mike Jaramillo is the Advanced No-Gi coach at the fabled Renzo Gracie Academy, aka the ‘Blue Basement’ in New York City. Mike started training jiu jitsu in 1999 and was the first student to receive a black belt from the legendary John Danaher in 2005.

Mike is also the founder of the jiu jitsu instructional brand ‘The Happy Pill Project”, which is self-described as: “High level jiu jitsu instruction that is passionately detailed, unreasonably generous & delivered with a personal touch!”

We feel incredibly fortunate that such a high-level competitor and instructor is publishing content on the Athletes Ocean platform!


  • 5th Degree Black Belt under Renzo Gracie and John Danaher
  • John Danaher’s First Black Belt
  • Advanced No-Gi coach at Renzo Gracie Academy in NYC
  • Founder of the Happy Pill Project
  • No-Gi World Champion
  • European Gi Champion
  • Pan-Am Silver Medalist

Coaching out of:

  • Renzo Gracie
  • New York, New York

Social Links:

Approximate Length of Instructional: 

  • 60 Minutes

Suggested Skill/Experience Level:

  • All Skill Levels

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Course Content

Advanced Smash Passing
Learn to SMASH through your opponent's guard and secure better position with this passing series!

  • 02:29
  • Body Position Concepts for Smash Passing
  • Clearing the Knee/Driving to 45 Angle/Securing Hip
  • Strong Side vs Weak Side/Back Stepping
  • Back Stepping, maintaining control
  • FREE LESSON: Controlling Hip Pocket, Maintaining Dominant Position
  • Controlling Hip Pocket, Using Movement to Advance Position
  • Controlling Hip Pocket, Winning Positional Battles/Adapting to Counters
  • Clearing Knee Lines/Opponent’s Reactions
  • Clearing Knee Lines/Opponent Flares Knees
  • Conclusion

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