Neutral Offense Fundamentals by Jason Nolf

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About Course

Description of Instructional:
Dive into the core of Jason Nolf’s successful wrestling strategies with our exclusive ‘Neutral Offense’ technique course. Crafted specifically for wrestling coaches, this comprehensive program focuses on fundamental wrestling techniques for athletes of all ages. Led by renowned 3x NCAA wrestling champion Jason Nolf, the course delves into the most important neutral wrestling concepts, such as body positioning, footwork mastery, strategic set-ups, and effective takedowns.

Course Highlights:

  1. Mastering Body Positioning: Learn to teach and reinforce strong body positioning techniques, laying the foundation for powerful offensive moves during fundamental wrestling scenarios.
  2. Footwork Excellence: Gain insights into advanced footwork principles to enhance the agility, balance, and speed of your athletes, providing a crucial advantage on the mat with your set ups, fakes, and leg attacks.
  3. Strategic Set-Up Strategies: Elevate your coaching game with a deep dive into strategic takedown set-ups. Equip yourself with the tools to guide your athletes in creating opportunities and seizing control of the match.
  4. Takedown Tactics: Explore proven methods for executing effective takedowns, focusing on timing and precision. Arm your athletes with the fundamental wrestling skills needed to dominate their opponents.

Who Benefits:

  • Wrestling Coaches: Whether you’re a seasoned coach looking to refine your techniques or a new coach seeking foundational knowledge, the ‘Neutral Offense’ course offers valuable insights to elevate your coaching prowess in fundamental wrestling.
  • Athletes: Your wrestlers will benefit – regardless of their level of experience or age. Use these concepts to fine-tune and reinforce your experienced wrestlers’ habits and also give your newer athletes an advantage by reducing the time needed to learn the fundamentals of wrestling!

Why Choose ‘Neutral Offense’:

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of Jason Nolf, a 3x NCAA Champion, as he imparts his knowledge and experience to help coaches hone their instructional skills in fundamental wrestling.
  • New Coach-Friendly: Tailored for coaches, especially those new to the wrestling scene, the course provides a structured learning experience to boost confidence and effectiveness in coaching fundamental wrestling.

Ignite your coaching journey and propel your athletes to new heights on the mat. Enroll in the ‘Neutral Offense’ course today and embark on a path to fundamental wrestling mastery.

Course Content

Neutral Offense

  • Introduction
  • 3 Fundamental Takedown Systems
  • Leg Attacks
  • Stance – Fundamentals + Position
  • Stance and Motion + Shadow Wrestling
  • Penetration Step
  • Initiating Contact + Tie Ups
  • Basic Tie Ups + Handfighting
  • Takedowns – Double, Single, High Crotch, Fireman’s Carry
  • Basic Set Ups
  • Takedowns – Ankle Pick + Cross Ankle Pick
  • Takedowns – Duck Under
  • Takedowns – Low Single + Snap Down
  • Drills – Shot, Reshot + Snap Down
  • Drill – Chase the Leg
  • Conclusion

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