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Mastering 50/50 Leglocks by William Tackett

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About Course

William Tackett – Mastering 50/50 Leglocks

Description of Instructional:

Securing submissions against high-quality opponents is what William Tackett’s does and that is exactly what his Instructional teaches.

Just watch any of William’s recent bouts and you’ll see how his precise and well thought-out leg lock game helps him rise above the competition. In this hour-long Instructional, William clearly communicates how to take advantage of an opponent’s mistakes when you get entangled in the 50/50 leg lock position! William can control and submit any opponent from 50/50.

In Tackett’s first Ocean Instructional, he teaches you how to get higher submission rates and defend against opponents in this incredibly important no-gi position! Tackett not only shows how to submit and defend, he also teaches how to use 50/50 as a transitional position to get to more advantageous positions to work additional attacks.

Overview of Instructional Chapters:

  • 50/50 Position and Fundamentals
  • 50/50 Submissions + Defense
  • 50/50 Drills
  • Transitions to Different Positions
  • Escaping Leg Entanglements
  • Heel Hooks + Defense
  • Sweeps

Athlete’s Bio:

William Tackett is a 22 year old black belt that trains out of Checkmat Brazilian Fight Factory in Austin, Texas under the tutelage of Rodrigo Cabral. Older brother to Andrew Tackett, William has been competing against and beating the world’s elite professional grapplers since he was a purple belt.

Not only is William Tackett is a world-class BJJ player, he is also a renowned jiu jitsu professor in Austin. Although William is young, he is one of the most exciting and entertaining fighters that has arisen through the fray in quite some times.

William won the 2022 ADCC West Coast Trials in the Men’s -77 kg division, tallying up 5 submissions and qualifying for 2022 ADCC’s in Las Vegas.


  • 2022 ADCC West Coast Trials Champion Men’s -77 kg
  • Jitz King Grand Prix Champion
  • Grappling Idiots Invitational Champion
  • Midwest Finishers Only Champion
  • Subversiv Tournament Runner up
  • Multiple Belt IBJJF World and Pan-Am Champion and Place-winner

Training out of:

  • Checkmat Brazilian Fight Factory
  • Austin, Texas

Instagram Links:

Approximate Length of Instructional: 

  • 60 Minutes

Suggested Skill/Experience Level:

  • All Skill Levels
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Course Content

Mastering 50/50 Leg Locks
William Tackett: Mastering 50/50 Leg Locks ADCC West Coast Trials Champion and black belt. Understanding and taking advantage of 50/50 leg entanglements is a vital skill in grappling! William teaches you his system of attacking and defending submissions that will have your opponents tapping out! Buy William's first Ocean Instructional and learn the ways of 50/50!

  • Mastering 50/50 Leg Locks

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1 year ago
Easy to unterstand, detailed explanation and good quality. Recommended to anyone who wants to learn about leglocks
1 year ago
I cannot recommend this instructional enough! William's course is perfect for all levels, whether you want to gain a basic understanding of the 50/50 position or are looking to add new attacks. If you want to start finishing heel hooks, watch this instructional.