Offensive Wrestling Fundamentals for BJJ: Stance and Leg Attacks by Geno Morelli

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Geno Morelli‘s Wrestling Foundation: Stance, Movement & Leg Attacks

Description of Instructional:

This instructional is designed for grapplers and wrestlers of all skill levels who want to improve their ability to control and defend with the collar tie position.

In this instructional, former Penn State wrestler, BJJ standout, and MMA fighter Geno Morelli will share his techniques, strategies, and tips on controlling, opening up attacks, and defending from collar tie from the standup position.

The instructional primarily covers collar tie techniques, but Morelli also injects relevant conceptual instruction to help you understand the collar tie position and the most effective ways to use it to secure takedowns, as well as defending against your opponent using it.

Geno walks through both offensive and defensive collar tie instruction and clearly outlines how grapplers and wrestlers can use the collar tie to dominate the pace and position of their opponents.

Throughout the instructional, you will learn a variety of set-ups, leg attacks, throw-bys, and other takedowns from the collar tie.

Geno also spends a significant amount of time teaching you how to clear collar ties and how to prevent them from getting used on you.

By the end of the instructional, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how to control the standup position using the detailed concepts taught in Geno’s instructional. Your offensive collar tie setups and defenses will be on another level in the gym and on the mat!

Geno Morelli’s Collar Tie Mastery for BJJ & Wrestling instructional is a must-have if you compete in wrestling or jiu jitsu and like to control tie-ups.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced grappler, this instructional will accelerate your standup and neutral game.

Morelli will provide insights into how to drill these techniques effectively and incorporate them into your own standup series. Buy his instructional today and learn from one of the world’s most well known resources for wrestling for BJJ!

Overview of Instructional Chapters:

  • Importance of understanding the collar tie
  • Offensive attacks from a collar tie
  • Setups and handfighting
  • Defending using the collar tie
  • Clearing collar ties
  • Preventing collar ties
  • Upper body attacks
  • 5 different drills to improve your collar tie system
  • So much more!

Geno Morelli’s Bio:

Morelli is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgable resources for teaching wrestling for BJJ and grappling athletes. Geno is a dynamic offensive wrestler that is well aware of the important differences between traditional wrestling and wrestling for jiu jitsu.

Geno was a member of the Penn State wrestling team and helped the Nittany Lions secure two NCAA Team Championship titles.

After a two year hiatus from wrestling, Geno decided to enter the US Open with 2 weeks of training and made it to the semifinals and eventually ended up with a 5th place finish. That same year he became a semifinalist at the United States World Team Trials.

Geno has several significant wins against high quality wrestlers, BJJ fighters, and was an undefeated amateur champion in MMA. Geno has recently announced his transition to professional MMA and will begin his pro journey in 2023.


  • Penn State Wrestling
  • 2019 US Open All-American and Semifinalist
  • 2019 World Team Trials Semifinalist
  • Starter on 2x NCAA Championship Team (2016, 2017)
  • IBJJF World Champion Blue Belt
  • IBJJF Pan Am Double Gold
  • 2x NCAA Qualifier
  • FloGrappling WNO Competitor
  • No-Gi BJJ Purple Belt

Training out of/Affiliations:

Social Links:

Approximate Length of Instructional: 

  • 3 Hours 38 Minutes

Suggested Skill/Experience Level:

  • All Skill Levels

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Course Content


  • 01:05
  • 01:57
  • What to Expect
  • Tips on Approaching Course
  • Agenda of Instructional
  • Keys to Wrestling Success
  • Goals of Neutral/Standing

Stance Concepts

Movement Concepts

Leg Attack Concepts – Overview

Leg Attacks: Setups

Leg Attacks: Entries + Finishing Concepts

Leg Attack Levels and Ranges: Takedown Options

Closing Concepts

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