Wrestling Mindset by Ben Askren: Turning Failure into Success

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Description of Instructional:

This instructional is designed for anybody that wants to improve their mindset. This instructional by Ben Askren will drastically help wrestlers, athletes, fighters, students, parents and business people of all and ages who want to advance their mindset and learn how to cope with failure and turn failures into success!

Ben Askren knows both successes and failures better than most. From the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows, Ben has seen it all.

Once you watch this instructional, you’ll have a clear understanding of how Ben Askren approaches failures and making decisions on next steps. Each time you run into adversity, Ben describes three possible choices:

  1. Digging in
  2. Pivoting
  3. Innovating

Deciding on what choice to make depends on the circumstances of the situation, and Askren paints a picture on how you can determine which position to take and whether to dig in, pivot, or innovate to find success.

Throughout the instructional, Askren pulls in real life examples of how he implemented his mindset philosophy to get himself through a failure and onto his next success.

Buy Ben Askren’s instructional today and learn from one of the world’s most successful individuals!

Ben Askren’s Bio:

Ben Askren is best known as an amateur wrestler and MMA fighter, however his story is far more complicated than that. He is a commentator, podcaster, disc golf competitor, and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Ben is widely considered to be one of the best NCAA wrestlers of all time, securing 2 NCAA titles and simultaneously winning the prestigious Dan Hodge Trophy twice – which is awarded to the most dominant wrestler in the NCAA.

After college, Ben made a run at freestyle wrestling and won the starting spot for the Beijing Olympic games in 2008 – unfortunately, Ben came up short in his dreams for Olympic gold. Soon after the Olympics, Ben made the decision to transition into the world of mixed martial arts.

During Ben’s career in MMA, he was considered one of the greatest welterweight fighters in the world. His wrestling-heavy style was too much to handle for his opponents, allowing him to control the bouts.

Askren compiled championship belts in two major organizations, Bellator and One Championship, and an undefeated record of 18-0 before retiring from the sport.

After his first retirement, Ben had an opportunity to fight in the UFC – largely recognized as the premiere MMA organization in the world. Ben had 3 fights in the UFC where he went 1-2. Ben ultimately retired for the second time from MMA during a segment on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

Askren hosts and is a frequent guest on many podcasts, including FloWrestling Radio Live’ with Christian Pyles on FloWrestling, ‘The Funky & FRB Show’ with Front Row Brian and ‘The T-Row & Funky Show’ with two–time NCAA champion Tommy Rowlands.


  • Bellator World Champion (Welterweight)
  • One Fighting Championship Champion (Welterweight)
  • 2008 Olympic Team Member
  • 2x NCAA Champion (2006, 2007)
  • 2x Dan Hodge Trophy Winner (2006, 2007)
  • 2x Wade Schalles Pin Award (2006, 2007)
  • 4x NCAA Finalist
  • 3x Big 12 Champion
  • FILA 2009 Grappling World Championships Senior No-Gi Gold Medalist
  • 2nd Place 2011 United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship

Training out of/Affiliations:

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Approximate Length of Instructional: 

  • 53 Minutes

Suggested Skill/Experience Level:

  • All Skill Levels

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Course Content

Ben Askren’s “Turning Success into Failure”

  • 01:01
  • The Way To Think About Success and Failure
  • What You Can Do When You Fail
  • 3 Failures in Ben’s Life
  • Netflix vs Blockbuster Example

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