Felipe Cesar’s Reverse Closed Guard for Gi Jiu Jitsu

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About Course

Felipe Cesar‘s Reverse Closed Guard for Gi Jiu Jitsu

Description of Instructional:

Reverse Closed Guard is a common, but not well understood position in Brazilian jiu jitsu. More often than not, the fighter on the bottom loses out on opportunities because they don’t know how to sweep or take the back of their opponent!

Felipe separates his instructional into two primary topics:

  • Entries, Position and Controls
  • Sweeps, Attacks, and Submissions

Felipe Cesar’s Reverse Closed Guard instructional is an excellent option if you want to expand your knowledge for the reverse closed guard position for jiu jitsu in the gi.

In both topics, Felipe will emphasize important details on how to maintain proper control with grips and body position to help you understand how to maintain the reverse closed guard until you can create your opportunity to advance your position.

You’ll first learn some of Felipe’s favorite entries to the reverse closed guard including from 50/50, bull fighter, and when your opponent tries to pass or take your back.

Once you understand how to enter and secure the position, Cesar provides excellent instruction on how to use the reverse closed guard control over your opponent.

This will allow  you to control your opponent’s movement and posture, limit their defensive and offensive options, and set up your leg lock submission attacks or transitions to more advantageous positions, such as a back take.

Overall, understanding how to effectively use the reverse closed guard in gi jiu jitsu provides you with additional submission options, improved control, guard retention, versatility, off-balancing and sweep potential.

Buy Felipe’s instructional today and you will enhance your overall grappling game and make you a more well-rounded and formidable competitor!

Overview of Instructional:

  • Fundamentals of Reverse Closed Guard Position
  • Entries into the Position
  • Countering Opponent’s Passing Attempts
  • Controls
  • Sweeps
  • Back Takes
  • Toe Holds
  • Knee Bars
  • And more!

Instructor Bio:

Felipe Cesar is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Marco Barbosa and Murilo Santana. He began training in 2008 at the Gabas Jiu Jitsu Academy in the city of Araçatuba, Brazil. Felipe quickly showed promise and turned pro after being promoted to purple belt.

He decided to move to Barbosa Jiu Jitsu headquarters in São Paulo to train full time. He received his black belt in 2014 from Barbosa. As of 2016, Felipe now lives in New York City and trains out of Unity Jiu Jitsu under Murilo Santana.

Felipe stays busy on the competition scene in both gi and no-gi jiu jitsu. Keep an eye out for him in the IBJJF circuit!


  • 1st Place San Diego IBJJF Open (2023)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF World Championship NOGI (2022)
  • 1st Place New Haven IBJJF Open NOGI (Division and Open Class) (2022)
  • 2nd Place Houston IBJJF Open NOGI (2022)
  • 1st Place ADCC Brazilian SP Trials (2017)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Pan Championship NOGI (2019)
  • 1st Place CBJJ Brazilian Nationals NOGI (2015)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF World Championship NOGI (2017)
  • 2nd Place CBJJ Brazilian Nationals NOGI (2018)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF Pan Championship NOGI (2016 and 2022)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF Pan Championship NOGI (2019)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF World Championship NOGI (2019)

Training out of:

  • Unity Jiu Jitsu
  • New York City, New York

Social Links:

Approximate Length of Instructional: 

  • 38 Minutes

Suggested Skill/Experience Level:

  • All Skill Levels

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Course Content

Entries, Position and Controls

  • 01:50
  • Bull Fighter
  • Opponent Attempts To Pass
  • Opponent Attacking the Back
  • Position Fundamentals

Sweeps, Attacks and Submissions

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