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World Champion Over Tie Offense Mitchell Mesenbrink

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About Course

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Description of Instructional:

Mitchell Mesenbrink’s instructional is designed for wrestlers and grapplers of all skill levels who want to take their outside tie offense to the next level.

Understanding how to score from all tie up positions is crucial – especially against the best opponents! Don’t let them shut your offense down by learning how to score from an over tie.

If you can successfully attack from both an inside tie and and outside tie up, you can be more confident in your offense, score more takedowns, and create big problems for your opponents.

In this instructional, Mitchell Mesenbrink, the Askren Wrestling Academy alum and current Penn State wrestler, and 2023 Junior World Champion, will share concepts about wrestling from an outside tie up and how he uses the position to find takedown attacks against the best in the world.

This instructional is great for Jiu Jitsu players and wrestlers of all skill levels. This series you make you a threat for takedowns from all tie up positions!

Mesenbrink’s content is primarily focused on leg attacks from an overtie – single legs, double legs, outside step single legs, and high crotches – but Mitchell also gives perfect examples of other wrestlers using the techniques in competition.

Throughout the instructional, you will learn how Mitchell Mesenbrink’s outside tie up attacks help him find unique and successful methods of attacking his opponents from the standing position.

If you want to learn how to improve your neutral takedown system, Mitchell Mesenbrink’s “World Champion Outside Tie Offense” instructional is perfect whether you’re involved in wrestling or Brazilian jiu jitsu!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, this instructional will elevate your wrestling and ability to score takedowns to the next level.

Buy his instructional today and learn from one of the world’s best young wrestlers!

Overview of Instructional Chapters:

  • Outside Tie Position Fundamentals
  • Elbow Post Set Up Details
  • Outside Step Single Legs
  • Low Double Legs
  • Pass-Bys
  • Misdirection Single Legs
  • Attacks When Opponent Thumb-blocks
  • Snap Downs
  • Drills
  • + Much More!


Mitchell Mesenbrink’s Bio:

Mitchell Mesenbrink is one of the most talented young wrestlers competing at the NCAA  and International level today. He was the starter at 165 lbs for Penn State University for the 2023-24 season and secured a 2nd place finish behind 2x NCAA Champion David Carr of Iowa State.

Mitchell is a technique connoisseur – if you listen closely to his commentary, he molds his wrestling style by studying and breaking down other athletes’ wrestling series.

Mesenbrink is a product of Ben Askren’s wrestling factory Askren Wrestling Academy in Wisconsin. He had an outstanding high school career at Arrowhead Highschool, capturing 3 Wisconsin State Championship titles and placing top 3 each year.

So far in his young international career, Mesenbrink is a 2022 U-20 World Silver Medalist at 70 kilograms and the 2023 U-20 World Champion at 74 kilograms. His latest world title qualifies him for the 2024 US Olympic trials.

Mitchell began his collegiate career at Cal-Baptist University in California, but transferred to Happy Valley after his redshirt season to continue his career as a Nittany Lion.

Mesenbrink has an exciting career in store and we’re looking forward to seeing his trajectory toward NCAA, World, and Olympic Gold!


  • 2024 NCAA All-American (2nd)
  • 2023 U-20 Freestyle World Champion (74 kg)
  • 2022 U-20 Freestyle World Silver (70 kg)
  • 3x High School State Champion

Training out of/Affiliations:

  • State College, Pennsylvania
  • Nittany Lion Wrestling Club/Penn State University

Social Links:

Approximate Length of Instructional: 

  • 50 Minutes

Suggested Skill/Experience Level:

  • All Skill Levels

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Course Content

World Champion Over Tie Offense

  • 01:42
  • 00:50
  • Over Tie Positioning
  • Elbow Post to Single
  • Over Tie Pass-By
  • Low Double
  • Over Tie Snap
  • Misdirection Single Leg
  • Head Outside Low Single (Over Tie Side)
  • 05:08
  • Opponent Posts with Straight Arm
  • Clearing Opponent’s Post
  • Snap Drag to Leg Attacks
  • Clear Opponent’s Post, Leg Attacks + Snaps
  • Opponent Posts – Parrying to Leg Attacks
  • Elbow Posting – Details on Position
  • Drills – Feeling Pressure + Opponent Gives Different Looks
  • Conclusion

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1 month ago
Not only is the overtie extremely effective but you can use the shot techniques and incorporate into your arsenal- 5/5 instructional
1 month ago
3 months ago
Great video