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Low Risk, High Reward Underhooks by Chance Marsteller

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About Course

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How to Use Underhooks for Wrestling to Get Easier Takedowns!

Did you know that 90% of wrestlers don’t know how to properly use an underhook?

If you’ve never been taught the right way to use underhooks, it’s not your fault! But if you don’t learn now, you’re going to waste a ton of time and energy with your sloppy underhooks. It also means you’re going miss out on opportunities to win the big matches to reach your goals like winning a state title or making a World Team!

Luckily for you, Chance Marsteller’s Low Risk, High Reward Underhooks instructional will have you dominating your opponents next season – even if they are more experienced than you!

  • Control the match.
  • Score more points.
  • Win more.

Why Chance Marstellar’s Underhooks Instructional?

Chance Marsteller has one of the best underhook series in the world. In this instructional, 2x NCAA All-American and 2023 World Team Member will share his most effective techniques, strategies, drills, and tips on how to score points and control position with this patented series.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced wrestler, this instructional will help you learn the right way to use underhooks, which means you’ll score more points with less effort!

Buy Chance’s underhooks instructional today and learn from one of the world’s most technical wrestlers!

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Overview of Lessons:

  • Underhooks Warm Up Drills
  • ‘Bump-Dig’ Drill
  • High Single Leg
  • Throw-By Single Leg
  • Knee Pick
  • Hip Toss
  • Chain Wrestling from Underhooks
  • And so much more!

Chance Marsteller’s Bio:

Chance Marsteller has been a top competitor in the US Wrestling circuit for years. Marsteller was born and raised in Pennsylvania, where he won 4 Pennsylvania State Championships and finished his high school career with a perfect 166-0 record.

Chance was recruited by Oklahoma State out of high school and then transferred closer to home at Lock Haven University. Chance became a 2x NCAA Division 1 All-American with 4th and 3rd place finishes in 2018 and 2019.

Marsteller has won and placed in multiple international tournaments at the Senior Freestyle level and was the 79 kg World Team member in 2023 after defeating Jordan Burroughs for the position.

Chance Marsteller trains out of the New Jersey Regional Training Center, as well as the NY Regional Training Center. He has a wrestling club called ‘Steller Trained LLC’ in Eastern Pennsylvania.


  • 2023 World Team Member (79 kg)
  • 2023 U.S. Open champion
  • 2022 Bill Farrell Memorial International champion
  • 2x NCAA All-American (4th in 2018, 3rd in 2019)
  • 4x Pennsylvania State Champion
  • 166-0 High School Record

Training out of/Affiliations:

  • Lock Haven University
  • Titan Mercury Wrestling Club

Social Links:

Approximate Length of Instructional: 

  • 52 Minutes

Suggested Skill/Experience Level:

  • All Skill Levels

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Course Content

Low Risk, High Reward Underhooks by Chance Marsteller

  • 00:31
  • ‘Bump-Dig’ Warm Up Drill
  • ‘Re-Punch’ Drill
  • Underhook Drill – Opponent Blocks Off
  • Bump-Dig Entry
  • 02:07
  • High Single Leg Finishes (Run the Pipe)
  • High Single Finishes (Run the Pipe to Backside)
  • Throw-By Single
  • Underhook to Snapdown
  • Underhook to Inside Tie
  • Far Side Attacks – Knee Pick/Duck Under/’Go Big’
  • Combining the System – Opponent Reactions
  • Combining the System – Opponent Reactions, Part 2
  • Underhook to Hip Toss
  • Conclusion

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2 weeks ago
Excellent. Chance is one of the few clinicians who shows moves how he actually hits them,